On Line Manual  by Techno-iD
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Introduction - Main features


Preparing to play

Front and rear pannels :Synthesizer section

Part select and Common sections

Sequence Control and Key section

Connector Section

Basic Operation : Listening to a song

Listening to patterns

Striking keys to play Parts - Modifying the sound

Modifying the sound  in Song Mode

Modifying-Editing a rythm pattern

Realtime recording - Saving a pattern

Using a Motion Sequence

Using the Audio Inputs

Playing with patterns Set - ER1 used as Tone Module

Synchronized playback with the EA1



Pattern Mode: Selecting and playing a pattern

Selecting Part, Part Mute, Part Solo

Creating a pattern

Creating a pattern : effects

Lenght, Scale, Beat and Swing settings

Creating a Rythm Pattern, Realtime recording, Accent

Motion Sequence : Recording and playing

Functions for editing patterns :  Erase, Move

Copy a part

Pattern Set : using, registering a pattern for a set

Saving a Pattern




Song Mode : selecting and playing a song

Creating a song

Editing a song

Event recording in a song ( knob movement )

Saving a song

Global Mode :Metronome, MIDI Synchronization

ER1 as Master, Savings Global Settings

MIDI Mode :Midi channel, Midi note, Midi data dump

Midi Filters settings


PART FOUR - Appendices


Midi, NRPN messages, synchronization

System exclusive, Data dump, Troubleshooting

Error messages, Factory settings recovering, Tech Spec

Pattern name List

Midi Implementation Chart