Dear Leo 7ender... by Lo

Dear Leo 7ender,

First of all let me tell you that you're a genius, not only in music but also in marketing. As you probably know, USA are a controversial matter in France, my country. Blind lovers equal stubborn haters. But when it comes to the matter of electric guitars (and amplifiers) 100% of Frogs agree that you, Americans, are the best ! I take the bet that this opinion is shared all around the world. And you, Mister 7ender, are one of the few persons responsible for that extraordinary success.

For decades, you've improved your knowledge and taught your expertise to generations of american workers, who created the most popular Stratocaster, Telecaster and so on. For decades, when a guitar player wanted a new baby, he just had to decide which color, which sound he liked the most. Even poor guys could buy a great second hand piece. Then came the 21st century along with a new idea, which has the smooth name of globalization, and now your guitars are designed in the USA and made in China. I've nothing in particular against Chinese you know, they have their own expertise in many fields too. But reverse the situation and you'll see my point : how perfectly and chinesely delicious would taste spring rolls cooked by you, Sir ?

My husband, whom I shared with a very nice Cherry Burst 1982 Stratocaster made in USA during 16 years, bought a Traveler guitar when we left France for Thailand 2 years ago. Traveler Guitar, another great american guitar's expert ! It's small, lightweight, with a normal-sized neck, which is very convenient. But, you know, this made in China baby is not that good after 2 years (scratching noises from the switches and knobs are getting louder and louder, tuning is not lasting much, and worse : one string is now sizzling...) So, my favorite guitar player is actually thinking about going back to 7ender, going back to the usual perfection. Beeing fond of the MIDI system, he wanted to buy a new "GC1 Gk ready Stratocaster Roland/Fender" , considering that it would be more esthetical than the old system with the black midi GK2A from Roland screwed on the body of the guitar. But before even looking for the nearest shop in Bangkok, he stumbled on client's rating and feeds-back about this new serie. And sadly, he discovered that your guitars, Mister 7ender, being nowadays made in China, are not that perfect anymore, and even quite disappointing, especially neck and tuning pegs. That is one of the baddest news he heard, ever.

Dear Leo 7ender, I'm fully aware of the fact that you passed away more then 20 years ago. But I'm hoping that from the paradise, where you must have found a seat for sure, you'll send a message to your successors. Please don't let them drag your name in the mud, for some bad reasons of modernism and profits. Please, don't let American people forget the very knowledge of electric guitars, this unique expertise that companies like Martin, Gibson, and your own, Sir, have been transmitting through generations. Please, give american perfection back to the world.

Lo (September 2013)

Fender Stratocaster 1982